About Us:


Liaison Corporation is a prominent corporate sector organization that facilitates effective, entrepreneurial and prudent management and the multiplicity of development within the business sphere, in the current fiscal environment. We bring a range of proprietary tools and a wealth of experience to help public& private sector clients address their challenges, particularly in the areas of organizational design, human capital, organizational diagnostics, and transformational change.

Proprietary tools and solutions are a significant source of our distinctiveness. This encapsulates personalized marketing, credible organizational management and development, cutting-edge R&D, avant-gardé event management techniques and a myriad of other benefits to benchmark results.

Liaison aims to craft a portfolio of corporate identities beyond the mediocre peripherals, by re- branding, reinventing and reimagining their business operations. This enables us to provide actionable insights and deliver unique results on wide diasporas within the business world.


Premier Public-Private Partnership is at the core of Liaison. Our business partnership harnesses the expertise, know-how and resources of the private sector to the public sector to catalyze change in different business arenas through participation, partnership-co-creation, capacity development, policy formulation and execution. We are particularly keen upon providing our excellence to develop the enabling infrastructure required to scale up public-private collaboration towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Thus, we systematically bring together the government, businesses, donors, and the civil society organizations to demonstrate the alignment of interests, facilitate innovation and directly support ‘win-win’ partnerships.


The organization is a unique amalgamation of enthusiasm, professionalism and young minds that introduces new corridors of business dealing. While prototyping the git setup and in essence mainstreaming consultancy for national development, Liaison Corporation has received visible reach and prominent rapport among its counterparts in its field.


Liaison Corporation is working since 2012 and is an active Taxpayer registered with Federal Board of Revenue, Revenue Division, and Government of Pakistan & is also registered with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority (KPRA). Currently, it is operating as Association of Partners (AoP) and is registered with Industries Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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