A sheer quantity of data offers public and private firms extraordinary Yet massive amounts of data will only improve efficiency and business experience when it is harnessed as a strategic asset. Liaison helps governments, corporate and civil society organizations make the

most of their data and analytics opportunities. We partner with businesses to organize, analyze and share data in ways that support decision-making and spur citizen engagement while improving governance, data exchange and system interoperability. Our expertise includes:

  • Public Sector M&E of policy, programs/projects, budget, implementation and results
  • Private Sector (Corporate & CSO’s) specialized M&E services in Monitoring, Evaluation & Research (MER), Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) Framework, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning (MEAL), and Planning, Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting (PMER)
  • Research
  • Wide array Research services in Results-Based Management (RBM), Quantitative & Qualitative Research, Baseline Surveys, Internal & External Program Evaluations, Case Studies Development, Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), Needs Assessments, Impact Evaluations, Market Surveys, and National Statistics Studies